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Language Training

We offer training in Finnish Sign Language, signed speech and sign supported speech for individuals, families and groups. For workplaces and educational institutions we recommend our ready-made courses but courses can also be tailored according to clients´s needs.

Family training

Training is often provided for families and close relatives of hearing impaired children, children with language development problems and children with developmental disability. Families with deafened adults, adults with acquired deafblindness or adults with developmental disability may also need family training in signs or sign language. Training can be arranged as individual training at the same time for one or more families experiencing the same situation. Training can be given at the family home, at daycare, in our office or in another suitable location for the family/families.

Training given as rehabilitation is free of charge for the family. Prior to booking the family training the family needs to apply for a training decision at the disability service department of social and welfare services of their local authorities. A speech therapist´s or doctor´s statement describing the need for augmentative communication training or sign language training is required with the application. 

Family training in groups

Families can also be trained in groups, adults and children partly in their own groups. Group training is applied for in the same way as other family training.

Language courses

We provide training in Finnish Sign Language, signed speech and sign supported speech. It is possible to tailor a course according to your needs - for a small or big group for example in workplace or at educational institution. Language courses can also be arranged at Via´s office. For more information on our language course services, please contact