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About Via

Via employs near hundred professionals: sign language and speech-to-text interpreters, as well as trainers of Finnish Sign Language and signs, training planner and administrative staff. 

Via is one of the largest small-scale cooperatives in Finland. Even though as a cooperative we are a non-profit enterprise we nevertheless strive for profitability. We invest a great deal in training our staff, welfare of our staff and aim to deliver the best possible work quality. 

The staff founded Via in order to acquire a safe, pleasant working community, in addition to a secure income. Monthly salary payment model ensures the continuity of our business  and allows for personal development of the staff. Therefore the vast majority of our staff is employed with permanent monthly paid salary contracts. 

There are about 40 interpreter members who collectively own the cooperative. Annual general meeting which consists of Via´s membership holds the ultimate deciding power in Via. Decision-making in the annual general meeting is democratic, each member has one vote. We steer our company by adhering to international cooperative principles with the aim to actively and legitimately develop the entire interpreting field. New members can be accepted on application, with applications addressed to the Board.